NODES Partner Establishing Flexibility Markets in Various OPENTUNITY Pilot Sites


NODES is an independent market operator based in Norway, dedicated to managing an integrated marketplace that fosters the exchange and trading of flexibility across all grid levels. By doing so, NODES plays a pivotal role in optimizing the utilization of flexible resources within the grid.

Gesa Milzer, Senior Project Manager at NODES, sheds light on the OPENTUNITY initiative, which focuses on establishing flexibility markets, innovative market solutions, and a spectrum of products and services across various pilot sites in Europe:

– In Spain, collaborating with ANELL (DSO) and Estabanell (FSP).

– In Switzerland, partnering with AEM (DSO) and SUPSI (FSP).

– In Greece, working closely with HEDNO (DSO), IPTO (TSO), HyperTech (Aggregator), and ICCS (FSP).

These pilot-specific solutions are meticulously developed in collaboration with respective partners and subjected to diverse use cases to assess their practicality and necessitate any technical or operational adjustments. Ultimately, the goal is to transition these developed solutions from the testing phase into widely utilized operational products and services.

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