OPENTUNITY Plenary Meeting Sparks Innovation in Energy Solutions in Granollers


On February 6th and 7th, the OPENTUNITY consortium convened for its Plenary Meeting at Anell premises in Granollers, Spain, a pivotal hub within our pilot site network.

The meeting buzzed with energy and enthusiasm as discussions delved into the core pillars of our project: OPENFLEX, OPENGRID, and OPENABILITY. These initiatives signify our dedication to fostering flexibility in the prosumer’s environment, enhancing grid management technologies for DSOs/TSOs, and streamlining procedures to boost interoperability. Furthermore, partners addressed the different use cases in our pilot sites across Spain, Greece, Slovenia, and Switzerland.

Crucially, these deliberations marked pivotal steps towards our forthcoming report to the EU Commission. This report, a culmination of 16 months of dedicated work, represents a significant milestone in our journey towards shaping the future of energy systems in Europe.

Beyond the boardroom, the consortium had the privilege of immersing ourselves in Anell’s facilities—a testament to the evolution from a textile company to a dynamic DSO. This firsthand experience provided invaluable insights into the practical applications of our work, grounding our discussions in real-world contexts.