Project coordinator

ETRA Investigación y Desarrollo, S.A. (ETRA I+D) is the hi-tech unit within ETRA Group, one of the leading industrial groups in Spain. Its mission is putting in the market the most advanced solutions and services smart energy management systems, smart mobility, and cyber physical security either directly or through the 10 companies of the Group. ETRA I+D is the Project Coordinator and is responsible for the developments concerning grid technologies and the Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM) algorithms. Moreover, ETRA is the Dissemination and Communication leader.


ICCS/NTUA, besides research activities provides consultancy and development of specialised software tools for various actors in the domain of electricity (including TSOs and DSOs). The results of OPENTUNITY allows to expand its’ portfolio an provide new services to the customers. Focusing mainly on the operational, planning and asset management tools, the functionality to analyse the interaction with other energy carriers is important for all participants in the energy sector that are bounded by the Green Deal and Fit for 55 goals. Additionally, ICCS/NTUA as a research body creates new positions for PhD students and further develops the various methodologies and analyses new innovative concepts in the domain of the cross-sector coupling.

QUE Technologies is an Athens-based SME offering digital solutions in the domains of smart energy and digitalization of the built environment based on secure and sovereign data sharing among domain stakeholders.
In OPENTUTITY, QUE is responsible for delivering a data space implementation that will facilitate data sharing among the stakeholders of the project use cases via easy discovery of siloed data, trusted party identification, enforcement of data access policies, and secure data exchange.

Hypertech Sustainability Research and Technology Center (HYP) is a research-oriented company with the purpose of designing and prototyping digital solutions that facilitate the energy transition of buildings. Hypertech is also specialized in the development of ICT solutions for Demand Response. Hypertech is one of the technical solution providers of the OPENTUNITY, responsible for developing all the necessary tools to boost flexibility delivery from prosumers’ energy assets and enable their participation in flexibility markets.

University of Ljubljana (UL) is the oldest and largest higher education and scientific research institution in Slovenia, which was funded in 1919. One of its faculties is the Faculty of Electrical Engineering which is part of OPENTUNITY Consortium and will be responsible for the development of the algorhitm for Optimal selection of available flexibility. UL will also be leader of WP6, cooordinating the activities at the OPENTUNITY pilot sites.

HEDNO is the operator of electricity distribution network in Greece with business activities that focus on operation, maintenance and development of the power distribution network in mainland and the electricity system on non-interconnected islands, securing at the same time the transparent and impartial access of consumers and of all network users. Within the Opentunity its role is summarized as follows: project foundations leader, pilot sites analysis responsible and Greek pilot leader. 

Anell is a DSO located in Catalonia, Spain, with 3 primary substations and over 59 000 supply points. Anell is one of the business groups from Estabanell, an energy utility company. At OPENTUNITY, Anell is the responsible for the Spanish Pilot, as it tests the project’s innovations on its grid.

Estabanell Impulsa is a provider of 100% renewable energy, telecommunications, and solutions for electric mobility. Estabanell Impulsa is one of the business groups from Estabanell, an energy utility company. At OPENTUNITY, Estabanell Impulsa is involved on the Spanish Pilot, where it helps to connect with consumers and bring the retailer’s perspective.

LIFE – Institute for Climate, Energy and Society is one of the leading research institutes for key issues relating to climate change, climate risks and transformation research towards a climate-neutral society. he clear social mission of LIFE is: Strengthening resilience to climate and weather risks;  Transition to a climate-neutral economy / society by 2040. JOANNEUM RESEARCH, represented by the Institute LIFE, is particularly focusing on user engagement and innovative business models in OPENTUNITY.

UNE is the National Standardization Body of Spain. UNE supports OPENTUNITY in all aspects related to standardization, identifying existing standards, engaging with standardization organizations, identifying standardization potential of project results and promoting the growth of new standards covering OPENTUNITY’s outcomes, contributing to transfer and valorise new knowledge, increasing the impact of the project.

NODES is a Norwegian independent market operator managing an integrated marketplace that allows market agents to meet and to trade flexibility across all grid levels. As such NODES facilitates the optimal use of flexible resources for the grid. NODES market includes interactive flexibility asset registration and prequalification, advanced market clearing and validation and settlement of all transactions for short term and long-term flexibility products. NODES vision is a customer-centric and integrated marketplace to unlock the true value of flexibility and to support the drive to a sustainable, emission free future.

Kolektor sETup (SETUP) offers a full range of integrated engineering services to support customers in the development of complex infrastructure projects, covering everything from the early phases of conceptual design and definition of specifications up to implementation, optimization, and validation in the field of green transformation and the establishment of smart and low- carbon energy infrastructure. In the scope of OPENTUNITY, Kolektor sETup is a flexibility service provider, responsible for the integration of technologies covered in the pilot project into sETup’s flexibility aggregation platform. These technologies include Home and Building Energy Management Systems (HEMS / BEMS) installed in various building included in the pilot as well as solutions deployed by Electric Vehicles  mobility provider (Avantcar). In addition to technology integration, a key objective is also the exploration of possible new revenue streams that can be unlocked via local flexibility market offering to system operators.

AMIBIT is a high-tech start-up company from Slovenia that addresses the increasing trend of digital transformation in the energy sector with own developed innovative hardware (SMART BMS box REDUXI) and software solutions. AMIBIT main goal in OPENTUNITY as a hardware and software provider is to further develop and integrate REDUXI.

Elektro Primorska d.d. (EP) is one of five Slovenian power distribution companies (DSO) which provides distribution system operator services as well. EP strategy and vision are to be an innovative, research-oriented DSO to become a leading company for supplying electricity to customers with a technologically advanced electricity network, which will be recognized as a means of increasing the quality of life with responsibility for the environment and employees. Its participation in OPENTUNITY allows them to have access to innovations that will facilitate and optimize its grid management.

Avant car is one of the leading providers of Mobility as a service (Fleet management, Rent-a-car, Car Sharing, E-mobility) in the territories of Republic of Slovenia, Republic of Croatia, and Republic of North Macedonia with a fleet of more than 800 electric cars, 3.000 ICE cars and 150 EV charging stations. Avant car has developed and successfully implemented innovative 100% electric car sharing system (under the brand name “Avant2Go”) with high scale potential. Avant2Go Car sharing system is already successfully operating for 6 years in several cities on Slovenian and Croatian market. Avant car, as part of the Slovenian pilot site of OPENTUNITY, researchs the use case to provide flexibility on the segment of EV fleets and charging points, develops the pilot solution in connection with the aggregator and tests it.

Elektro Ljubljana (EL) performs several (i.e. statutory) network activities and provides a wide range of commercial services related to the electricity infrastructure in central and south-east Slovenia. Our qualified workers take care of the biggest distribution network in Slovenia while Elektro Ljubljana owns the infrastructure that provides electric power to a large part of the country.

With electricity infrastructure that covers 6,166 km2 (30.4 % of the country) we make sure that electric power reaches every part of central and southeast Slovenia. Our operations are managed from our headquarters in Ljubljana and from five distribution units, ensuring that electricity efficiently reaches more than 347,750 customers.

IPTO is a large business group whose purpose is to ensure the country’s electricity supply in an adequate, secure, efficient, and reliable manner. IPTO is the operator of the Hellenic Electricity Transmission System, whose mission is the smooth, safe, and uninterrupted transmission of electricity. Finally, IPTO is responsible for the operation of the balancing market. In OPENTUNITY, participates in the Greek pilot site analysis as well as is the user of the developed tools for Grid Operators.

BlueSun Automation Limited is a company established in 2005 with a wealth of experience in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector and Electrical Contracting. The company’s primary focus is on offering top-quality services in the mission-critical physical infrastructure area, as well as ensuring the safety and business continuity of its customers’ operations. BlueSun Automation specializes in a wide range of services, including Data Center Design & Implementation, Uninterruptible Power Supply (Ups) Systems, Precision Cooling Solutions, Structured Cabling Systems, Fire Detection And Suppression, Physical Security Ip-Based Systems (Intrusion, Access Control, Cctv), Advanced Video Analytics, PSIM+ (Situation Management) And Operations Business Intelligence, Energy Saving, And Free Cooling. In addition to its specialization in physical infrastructure and security, BlueSun Automation is also an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) with expertise in developing Industrial Internet of Things applications. 

BlueSun Automation is participating in the OPENTUNITY project, where it aims to develop a cluster of QR codes that provides nominal characteristics of the appliances and other relevant information useful for flexibility extraction (e.g., operational limits) that are included in Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS)/Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS). The company also supports the development of a User Interface (UI) that provides information about the characteristics of underlying appliances and/or energy assets after scanning the QR Code. By doing so, BlueSun Automation hopes to enhance the quality of its products while highlighting this innovation as a part of its marketing strategy to increase market share.

Azienda Elettrica di Massagno (AEM) SA, founded in 1925, is a Swiss electric utility that produces power in its own plants, operates the medium- and low-voltage grid and supplies electricity to 10.000 end-users in southern Switzerland. AEM is committed to introducing pragmatic instruments to address the new market framework, upgrading its distribution activities into a “Smart Grid”, and creating self-sustaining consumption communities. As a Pilot partner in OPENTUNITY, AEM provides the facilities for Use Case validation and demonstration of solutions.

Hive Power’s AI engine, FLEXO, enables companies to manage anything connected to the grid, from Energy Communities to Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging. As the main technical support provider for the Swiss pilot of the OPENTUNITY project, Hive Power provides estimates for the flexible resources provided by EVs and Renewable Energy Storage Systems (RESS’s), such as batteries. It also optimises demand response (DR) actions via innovative methodologies backed by advanced, interoperable software modules.

SUPSI is a Swiss university offering over 30 Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree programs in Engineering and Arts, characterized by cutting edge education which unites classical theoretical-scientific instruction with a professional orientation. SUPSI is involved in the OPENTUNITY project with the ISAAC institute, researching renewable energies, energy planning, and building maintenance. SUPSI supports the project’s Swiss Pilot as a scientific and technical supporter for prosumer innovations.