New Article About OPENTUNITY at ENLIT


On this occasion, the renowned platform ENLIT has published an article detailing not only the objectives of OPENTUNITY but also providing insights into the innovations we are working on.

This article unveils how OPENTUNITY introduces a series of innovations that facilitate the integration of distributed energy systems, such as PV, batteries, and electric vehicles, into European Smart Grids. These systems play a crucial role in greening EU grids, balancing energy supply, and providing backup for intermittent bulk renewable energy sources.

To achieve these objectives, the project deploys thirteen innovations across three categories: OPENFLEX, OPENGRID, and OPENABILITY.

Additionally, the article explains how the innovations brought forth by OPENTUNITY are intended to drive transformative changes in the European energy landscape. The project envisions a more sustainable society powered by renewable energy sources, where citizens and stakeholders play a central role.

These innovations are not merely technological advancements; they represent a profound shift toward decarbonising the European Union’s energy systems, empowering individuals, and ensuring a reliable energy supply, particularly in the context of the growing adoption of Renewable Energy Sources (RES).


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