Integration of Avantcar’s EV charging stations and Amibit’s HEMS devices with Kolektor sETup’s aggregator platform


Kolektor sETup’s is an independent aggregator specialising in the optimisation of flexibility asset portfolios and the provision of ancillary services to Slovenian DSOs and a TSO. A primary focus of Kolektor sETup’s endeavors is to introduce innovative approaches to ancillary service provision, leveraging fleets of, for example, EV charging points or home energy management systems (HEMS) devices rather than utilising solely individual, larger flexibility assets such as diesel generators. This objective is integral to the OPENTUNITY innovation initiative, driving forward our commitment to pioneering solutions in the energy sector.

Over the past six months, Kolektor sETup has been fully immersed in integrating Avantcar’s fleet of EV charging stations and Amibit’s HEMS devices fleet with its aggregator platform. This process began with the seamless integration of a single EV charging station and a single HEMS device to test the monitoring and management capabilities of these individual devices. With the successful validation of this initial integration, Kolektor sETup swiftly progressed to integrate over 70 EV charging stations and more than 50 HEMS devices into its aggregator platform.

Real-time consumption data from both fleets is now systematically collected and securely stored within the databases of Kolektor sETup’s aggregator platform. With the completion of the integration phase, Kolektor sETup has initiated the data collection period, paving the way for the subsequent development of forecast algorithms tailored to each fleet. These algorithms will serve as the foundation for offering ancillary services, marking a significant step forward in our ongoing efforts to innovate and optimize within the energy sector.