ENLIT, networking and Christmas wishes


This week, OPENTUNITY made its debut in the dynamic world of “ENLIT” at the EU Project Zone of ENLIT 2023, featuring a stand and active participation in a hub session centered around “Grid Technologies.”

With the festive season around the corner, this event served as a delightful pre-Christmas gathering for numerous EU-funded projects. It was an ideal meeting point for projects involved in Smart Grid and Digitalization as part of the BRIDGE initiative. The venue provided a unique opportunity to connect with other projects, foster collaborations, and highlight the benefits and potential impact of the project to other visitors on energy sector driving the energy transition.

OPENTUNITY proudly hosted a booth alongside other EU projects and engaged in the “Grid Technologies” session, which focused on the grid infrastructure and technologies crucial for facilitating the energy transition. During this session, our project coordinator elucidated that OPENTUNITY is actively developing digital solutions for the grid to support the energy transition. This includes the creation of software platforms designed to assist small Distribution System Operators (DSOs) lacking proper topology data and state estimation, thereby enhancing their functionalities.

The session featured lively discussions involving various projects such as Smart5Grid, TRANSLATE, VPP4ISLANDS, LIFE SF6-FREE HV BREAKER, LIFE SF6-FREE GIS, and SECO2ND LIFE GIS. Beyond these interactions, the session provided an opportunity to express a Christmas wish to the European Commission concerning Energy Policy.

At OPENTUNITY, our focus is on Artificial Intelligence, where data plays a pivotal role. Smart meters stand out as a primary source of this essential data. Therefore, OPENTUNITY’s Christmas wish revolves around the continuous and accelerated rollout of smart meters throughout Europe. While some countries, like Spain, have successfully completed this rollout, many other EU countries have only just begun. This lag in progress means that we are currently missing out on valuable data necessary for advancing innovative Grid Technologies in line with the goals of the energy transition.