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OPENTUNITY participates in the BRIDGE General Assembly 2024

OPENTUNITY participates in the BRIDGE General Assembly 2024


The BRIDGE General Assembly of 2024 convened on April 9th and 10th, embracing a hybrid format with sessions held both in Brussels and streamed online. Among the participants were representatives from the OPENTUNITY project, namely partners Joanneum Research and ETRA, actively participating in the session of the Working Group on Consumers and Citizens Engagement.

Throughout the assembly, participants were enriched with insights into the accomplishments of the BRIDGE Working Groups during the 2023-2024 term, delving into the invaluable lessons learned from completed BRIDGE projects and exploring various initiatives shaping the energy landscape. Engaging discussions ensued, examining avenues for enhancing the BRIDGE initiative and addressing cross-Working Group concerns.

Central to the discourse were the European Commission’s aspirations for fostering a competitive European industry, with particular emphasis on modernizing the grid to align with the demands of a dynamic energy ecosystem and advancing the development of artificial intelligence applications.

Looking ahead, the Consumer and Citizen Engagement Working Group is poised to intensify its focus on Energy Communities, and broaden stakeholder engagement beyond consumers and citizens to encompass regulators, aggregators, TSOs, DSOs, and others, while prioritizing inclusivity in user engagement efforts.

Meanwhile, the Data Management Working Group is forging ahead with the establishment and expansion of a comprehensive use-case repository, emphasizing practical tools, and refining the Reference Framework to bolster interoperability among home applications.

Similarly, the Business Models Working Group is redoubling its efforts on knowledge sharing within its domain and contributing to the development of the Common European Data space.

Lastly, the Regulations Working Group is capitalising on synergies with ETIP SNET/ISGAN, fostering closer collaboration among BRIDGE Working Groups, and aligning with ongoing policy initiatives through enhanced coordination efforts.

Working to reach final users

Working to reach final users


How will OPENTUNITY solutions reach users and become viable business models?

In OPENTUNITY, we are not just building a network of innovations to open up the electricity ecosystem to various stakeholders, but also to provide a genuine opportunity for real decarbonization. Our specific goal at OPENTUNITY is to ensure that our innovations reach the intended actors and effectively enter the market.

By providing social science and economic expertise, the JOANNEUM RESEARCH LIFE team has a special role in OPENTUNITY. They ensure that the solutions developed in OPENTUNITY find their way to users and become part of viable business models. Currently, they are developing an integrated research strategy that enables collecting close user feedback for the technological features to be tested at the demo sites in Greece, Slovenia, Spain, and Switzerland.

The feedback tool will provide a low-threshold opportunity for users to provide feedback on their experience and enable them to submit concrete ideas for improvement.

In parallel, preliminary business models and value chains for each OPENTUNITY demo site have been created. They will be further detailed and quantified as the project moves along. Stay tuned!

Here our partners from JOANNEUM RESEARCH LIFE: Stephan Schwarzinger, Michael Brenner-Fließer and Camilla Neumann.